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Ovation Deacon 12-string vintage electric guitar, sunburst with OHSC

Ovation Deacon 12-string vintage electric guitar, sunburst with OHSC

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This is a great-sounding guitar, the 18 volt FET active electronics really contribute to excellent signal to noise ratio vs. 9 volt systems.  It has a pristine tone with a nice range from shiny bright to dark.  It has great headroom and excellent sustain.  It plays great in all positions, the frets have some light wear that it visible, but doesn't affect playability.  There are a handful of dings from use and handling, including some on the back of the neck.  They aren't particularly deep or damaging, such as chunks of wood missing, etc.  The overall look is shiny and it is quite a handsome guitar.  The screws for the battery plate are dinged up a bit from use.  The plastic bridge cover is lifting a bit, it looks like it could be screwed down from beneath the bridge, but that doesn't affect playability.  In our research we noticed that some folks remove this cover at restring time.  The original hardshell case is in good condition, however the strap to stop it from opening to flat is missing.  The photo shows the screws on the handle loose on one side, we were able to cinch one of the two screws on that side up, the other one needs a little more work.  We would describe this as a very good player's condition and maybe a good collector's quality.  We saw other units with pieces missing that sold for nearly our asking.  That being said, we are open to offers.  In-descriptions are welcome, as are video calls.  Please text 612-239-6379 to request live description.  

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