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Danelectro 59DC Short Scale bass electric guitar, black metal flake, brand new, authorized dealer

Danelectro 59DC Short Scale bass electric guitar, black metal flake, brand new, authorized dealer

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These reissue Dano guitars share the styles of the original brand but are made in Korea at a top plant and are built very well.  They have nice, stout necks that are easy and fun to play.  The frets are well polished, especially the fret ends which are usually only well polished in more expensive builds.  It is very light at 6.6 pounds.  Brand new, factory warranty applies.  

59 DC based short scale version.

DANELECTRO is a brand that has been producing unique models at a cost-effective price that many players can afford, since 1947. The original design based on a unique concept is both new and nostalgic in modern times, making it a one-of-a-kind product. They have firmly established the charm and unique sound that their predecessors loved, and which have never faded, and they enjoy a deep-rooted popularity.

It is a short scale bass with a deep bass characteristic of the Masonite hollow body, a sweet sound due to the lipstick pickup, a uniform sound when the strings are opened and pressed due to the metal nut, and high operability and portability. Furthermore, the bridge uses a metal separate type. Fine adjustments are also possible. In addition, the Masonite hollow body makes it lightweight, the short horn shape makes it easy to operate the high frets, and the short scale makes it look more like a guitar. Equipped with a switch, the bass is even more playable. In addition, due to the short scale of this machine, the body has also been reshaped to be smaller. It has a look that is closer to the popular ``'59 M NOS+'' guitar.

In addition to the slightly distorted and driven rock-style sound, I think the straightforward, rounded tone goes well with 50s and 60s music. The crunchy sound when playing with a pick or slapping can also be called a sound unique to this bass. Another point that cannot be overlooked is that it has a solid practicality even though it has a visage-like feel. This model is also popular among women due to its adorable design, small size, light weight, and short scale for easy handling.

Body: Masonite
Pickup: 2-Lipstick
Control: 2 volumes, 2 tones, 3WAY Switch
Number of frets: 20
Scale length: 30"
Body thickness: 41mm
Finish: Gloss

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