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Breedlove Wildwood CE concert African mahogany acoustic electric cutaway guitar

Breedlove Wildwood CE concert African mahogany acoustic electric cutaway guitar

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This is a really stunning instrument, the stained grain shows through the clear coat, it is very impressive in person.  This finish is nearly impossible to photograph, the grain doesn't show that well and everything reflects, so it has a lot of glare throughout.  The finish looks really shiny, however there are some cracks on the rear, lower bout.  It has a straight neck, low action, all notes play normally.  It has a nice pickup system that works well.  It is a refurbished guitar and is stamped "used" on the back of the headstock to prevent false warranty claims.

Mahogany body serves up warm tones

The Breedlove Organic Wildwood Concert's body is made with sustainably sourced African mahogany. It creates a pleasant tone with just the right amount of midrange and heaps of warmth. All-mahogany guitars have been favored by folk and Americana players for decades. And in recent years, the same instruments have enjoyed a revival among singer/songwriters. Why? Because the harmonic depth of mahogany complements voices of all kinds. Aside from singer/songwriters, all-mahogany guitars are invaluable in the studio for chordal passages and strumming parts.

Responsibly sourced, all-solid tonewoods set a new standard

Almost every acoustic player dreams of owning an all-solid wood guitar. Now, with the Organic Collection from Breedlove, that dream can become a reality! The Organic Collection features all-solid tonewoods offered at a revolutionary price point. Each tree is individually harvested, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which means that absolutely no clear-cut tonewoods appear in the Organic Collection — so you don't have to feel guilty about owning an all-solid guitar. All-solid tonewoods aren't weighed down by glue and resin, which means you hear the wood's pure tone and nothing else. Plus, all-solid tonewoods resonate much more freely, leading to longer sustain and enhanced harmonic content. Boasting impressive tonewoods and incredible value, the Breedlove Organic Collection doesn't just set a standard in eco-conscious guitar design; it shatters the mold of the modern acoustic guitar and ushers in a new era of affordable, sustainable instruments.

Creating outstanding instruments at unbeatable prices

Breedlove's guitar designers are passionate. They're passionate about creating guitars that sound just as good to your wallet as they do your ears. As such, each Designed in Bend guitar benefits from the research and experimentation done by the expert builders in Breedlove's Oregon headquarters. This closely guarded collection of building techniques ensures that your guitar performs up to its full potential. When you play a Designed in Bend Breedlove, you're playing a new breed of affordable guitar.

Breedlove: guitars you can feel good about

From the company's beginning in 1990, Breedlove has focused a lot of their efforts on reducing their impact on the planet without compromising the quality of their instruments. Their radical approach to sustainability led them to create their Tonewood Certification Program and commit to visit the locations where their timber is harvested to ensure that their sustainability standards are met. The company has introduced player-centered innovations, including top-loading bridges, fine-tuned voicings, and unique neck profiles. From the Discovery to the Legacy, each and every Breedlove is made with an uncompromising dedication to quality sound, flawless workmanship, and environmental sustainability. Buying a Breedlove is much more than purchasing a top-notch acoustic guitar — it’s buying a guitar that you can feel good about.

Breedlove Organic Wildwood Concert Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
  • Acoustic-electric guitar with 100% sustainably harvested all-solid tonewoods
  • African mahogany top, back, and sides provide warmth, resonance, and midrange clarity
  • Breedlove Natural Sound electronics and under-saddle pickup give you a great plugged-in tone
  • Mahogany neck and laurel fingerboard play easily
  • FSC-certified non-clear-cut tonewoods reduce environmental impact
  • Bone nut and saddle improve sustain and clarity
  • Designed in Breedlove's Bend, Oregon, headquarters
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