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Alvarez RG260CES Regent Series Grand Auditorium cutaway acoustic electric guitar

Alvarez RG260CES Regent Series Grand Auditorium cutaway acoustic electric guitar

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The Alvarez Regent Series RG260CESB acoustic-electric redefines the entry-level guitar.

This one is really nice, it has a straight neck, low action and a nice tone.  The pickup system has a strong output.  It is really clean, but has some light dents on the top right behind the bridge pins.  It is stamped "USED" on the back of the headstock to indicate a refurbished guitar sold as used.  

This Alvarez acoustic-electric is a fantastic Grand Auditorium designed to offer a great player experience at incredible value. It’s made from quality tonewoods and premium Alvarez design features, such as the bi-level bridge, scalloped bracing and a flawless gloss finish. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a great second guitar to hit the road, the Alvarez RG260CESB won't disappoint with its full projection, high-quality build and SYS250 EQ and onboard tuner.

A case is sold separately.

Alvarez’s goal in designing the Regent Series RG260 acoustic-electric was to give younger players, or players just starting out, an enjoyable playing experience. Alvarez’s goal is to positively impact learning to play. Alvarez created this beginner instrument so it would sound great as it’s important for students to experience a positive respond and enjoy the sound they’re making. Alvarez also believe a great student guitar should be easier to play, so they gave Regent Series instruments a slim and comfortable neck profile with a 1-11/16" nut width. This gives enough spacing should players want to learn fingerpicking but is slim enough to help fret the guitar and make those early notes sound clear.

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